Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flowers of time.

How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?

Did you use a source for inspiration, then combine it with your own ideas to make it original?

For my next project, I was given the objective if time as an element. So what stuck out most to me was the transition between seasons, not because it is an obvious example of time, but because it is something which I constantly observe and brings back old memories of seasons past. A few weeks ago, my family and I, visited the mall. While we were there, my parents were searching for a chandelier, so while traveling from store to store I decided I was better off making them my own design of a chandelier. I began to piece together the concept in my head and within a few moments worked out my final design. I decided to gather flexible twigs and fashion them into somewhat of a helix. And traveling down the sides would be metallic flowers, leaves, and buds in which I would crest out of aluminum foil (as seen below). My idea was to hang this contraption from the ceiling. The design for which I formed the flowers and leaves was my own. I plan on having 100 metallic pieces in total, 50 leaves, 30 buds, and 20 flowers.